You and I have something in common.

Like you, there have been plenty of times in my life when I just didn’t feel like I had any choice but to do what someone else needed or wanted. Even though it wasn’t sustainable to always say ‘yes’ to the needs and preferences of others, it felt selfish to say ‘no’ and take care of myself.

Controlling people are more than happy to take advantage of this and have come to count on the fact that we won’t say ‘no.’

It’s time to put something down.

We can only do so much, and if we don’t start prioritizing our own needs, we will burn out and be of no use to anyone, especially ourselves. It’s time to set drama-proof boundaries with controlling people who would take advantage of our reluctance to say ‘no.’

“Drama-proof” doesn’t mean that we won’t ever have to deal with someone else’s drama. Just as “bullet-proof” doesn’t mean that bullets won’t hit you, “drama-proof” doesn’t mean that other people won’t try to control you and suck you in to their drama.

What “drama-proof” does mean is that when a controlling person does try to hand you their drama, it doesn’t have to affect you. Why? Because you realize that you can put it down. In fact, you aren’t even required to pick it up in the first place.

Best of all, you don’t have to feel guilty for saying no and walking away from the drama. Doesn’t that sound nice?

It’s okay for you to be happy.

This is a picture of me and my wife on an evening lake cruise outside of Phoenix, Arizona (yes, we have lakes in Arizona!). I remember how happy I was that day, and I love how that happiness is reflected in this picture.

There have been a lot of happier days since I became more aware of how to set healthy boundaries with others and take responsibility for myself. I don’t always get it right, but I know that the quality of my life has improved dramatically, and I can help you experience the same improvement.


Give me 30 minutes.


Actually, let me give you 30 minutes.


I have helped many people find peaceful happiness through the practice of setting healthy boundaries, and I want to help you get started on the same journey.

I’d like to offer you a free 30-minute mini-session by phone or video chat. In that time, I will get to know you a little better, and I will listen to some of your struggles with controlling people. Then I will offer you three simple steps to begin setting drama-proof boundaries with others.

I am determined that this call will help you, whether you work further with me or not, so let’s schedule your appointment now.

A little more about me.

  • I grew up in Stuart, Florida, the “Sailfish Capital of the World”; but I now live in Phoenix, Arizona, where I love hiking in the desert with my wife and children.
  • I’m a big sci-fi nerd. Don’t get me started on Star Trek vs. Star Wars unless you’re ready for a very long conversation.
  • I’ve trained with and worked alongside Pia Mellody, author of Facing Codependence. Pia is a Senior Fellow at the Meadows in Wickenburg, Arizona, where I have worked as a primary therapist and family therapist. Pia’s work is the foundation of my personal boundaries coaching program.
  • I am a licensed psychotherapist and certified trauma specialist. If you are looking for mental health counseling, please visit my Psychology Today profile to make an appointment.